About the Society of Chief Appraisers (SCA):


The SCA is a volunteer organization of over 600 Chief Valuation officers and related officers involved in reaching the final real estate collateral valuation process located in a dozen cities nationally who meet once or twice annually. The goal of these meetings or symposiums is to offer first-hand learning & training opportunities to understand and be more completely diligent in the valuation of the collateral properties for loans and bank investment. As you may be aware, over 90% of the 5,000 insured banks or non-banks do not have a staff state-certified real estate appraiser and therefore are at a great disadvantage in making safe and sound loans, because they do not have staff appraisal and appraisal management expertise. These are the officers who will benefit most from our programs, present, and future. At the same time, these same bank credit officers do have expertise in market risk analysis, which would be of great benefit to Appraisal Officers in protecting the accuracy of the valuations used in lending or investments by their banks.



Thursday, April 28, 2022



SCA Symposiums focus on:

  • The latest developments in the easing of regulatory compliance and monitoring of outsourcing valuation providers.
  • Latest 2019 Trends + 5‐YR Future Predictions by Economists, Researchers, RE Risk Experts, Credit Officers.
  • Current & Future Environmental Law & Concerns.
  • Trends and predictions of real estate markets – When is the next recession coming?
  • Trends and predictions – Expert speakers on high-risk property loans.
  • Understanding the risks and “concentration” guidance.
  • Accurate Appraisal and Evaluation compliant management tools e.g. platforms, policies, outsourcing trends.
  • Self Storage Industry Update.
  • Higher Risk & Analysis with Restaurants & Hotels.
  • Outsource Monitoring—New Regulatory Exceptions.
  • An Open Discussion for sharing of ideas and best practices.
  • A closer look at the increasing and growing regulated non-bank lenders e.g. New York Life Co.

SCA Instructors & Members Include:

  • Chief Appraisers, Appraisal Review Managers, Appraisal Review Staff
  • Chief Credit Officers, Credit Administration Officers, Bank Real Estate Officers
  • Special Assets Managers, Environmental Officers, QC, etc.
  • County Assessors Appraisal Departments – Chief Appraisers & Staff
  • Leadership of Valuation Organizations – RMA, IA, RICS, ASA & others
  • Federal & State Regulators (in an advisory capacity)
  • Most recently, regulated “Non-Bank” Valuation Officers such as Life Companies & Investor Groups
  • Symposium attendees will include Valuation Professionals, such as Chief Appraisers, Chief Credit Officers, Staff Reviewers, Underwriting Officers, REO Managers, Compliance Officers, Market/Operational Risk Officers – All parties involved in determining real estate collateral value used in mortgage lending and bank investments.


Become an SCA Sponsor below:

Stew Heller, stewheller@societyofchiefappraisers.org, 510-816-2974

SCA Instructors (Partial List)

Senior Vice President with Wells Fargo’s Real Estate Technical Services Group (REVS-RETECHS)
Douglas Nason


Kenneth Hall

Director Appraisal

Major Southern California-based National Bank Supervised by the OCC, Total Assets – $110 Billion, California Branches – 350
Ken DeFeo

VP, Residential Appraisal Services

Mid-Level California-wide based National Bank (US Subsidiary of Major Int’l Bank) Supervised by the OCC, Total Assets – $15 Billion, California Branches – 125
Robert B. Melfe

VP, Appraisal Manager- Residential Appraisal Department

California-based Federal Reserve Non-Member Bank Affiliate of Major Bank Holding Company with $45 Billion in Assets Supervised by the FDIC, Total Assets – $11 Billion, California Branches – 100
Alexander Gilbert

VP, Senior Residential Appraiser

Managing​ ​Member​ ​of Greer Advisors​, ​and former Director of Research​ ​for​ ​the Real Estate Risk Assessment(RERA) division of Bank of America​​
"Everett"​ ​Allen Greer


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