About the Society of Chief Appraisers (SCA):

The SCA is a volunteer organization of over 300 Chief Appraisers, Credit & Real Estate Officers from over 100 California banks working together for the common objective of achieving an effective nationwide system of valuation and due diligence.

Founded in 2009, the SCA is a revival of the tradition of the groups of Northern & Southern California Chief Appraisers, representing both Commercial Banks and Savings & Loan Associations, who met often throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Those groups created a unique forum where appraisal managers could meet and share common experiences, new regulatory requirements, and support each other’s professional growth and the advancement of the appraisal industry.

SCA members include:

  • Chief Appraisers, Appraisal Review Managers, Appraisal Review Staff
  • Chief Credit Officers, Credit Administration Officers, Bank Real Estate Officers
  • Special Assets Managers, Environmental Officers, QC, etc.
  • County Assessors Appraisal Departments - Chief Appraisers & Staff
  • Leadership of Valuation Organizations – RMA, IA, RICS, ASA & others
  • Federal & State Regulators (in an advisory capacity)

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THURS 22-Feb-2018

FRI 16-March-2018

THURS 3-May-2018

Monmouth, NJ
THURS 17-May-2018

THURS 7-June-2018

THURS 19-Jul-2018

San Francisco

THURS 20-Sep-2018

NY-NJ Eastern Regions
THURS 25-Oct-2018

Los Angeles
THURS 8-Nov-2018

Tampa Bay or Miami
THURS 29-Nov-2018

SCA Instructors (Partial List)

Major Southern California-based National Bank Supervised by the OCC, Total Assets – $110 Billion, California Branches – 350
Ken DeFeo

VP, Residential Appraisal Services

Mid-Level California-wide based National Bank (US Subsidiary of Major Int’l Bank) Supervised by the OCC, Total Assets – $15 Billion, California Branches – 125
Robert B. Melfe

VP, Appraisal Manager- Residential Appraisal Department

California-based Federal Reserve Non-Member Bank Affiliate of Major Bank Holding Company with $45 Billion in Assets Supervised by the FDIC, Total Assets – $11 Billion, California Branches – 100
Alexander Gilbert

VP, Senior Residential Appraiser

Managing​ ​Member​ ​of Greer Advisors​, ​and former Director of Research​ ​for​ ​the Real Estate Risk Assessment(RERA) division of Bank of America​​
"Everett"​ ​Allen Greer


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